Welcome to Jamie Donnelly's website

Jamie is a popular well loved and respected spirit medium travelling far and wide to share spirit messages of love, helping as many people as she can reconnect with their loved ones in spirit.

Jamie has been aware of spirit from a very early age of 4 and is one of the leading UK mediums that also shares her passion of spirit teachings and personal readings including demonstrations overseas. Jamie is very passionate about spirit and helping people understand just how close spirit are to us all in our  everyday lives,  she strives to encourage and support as many people with her unique qualities of introducing the simplicity of spirit through courses and workshops nationwide. 

Jamie speaks with spirit as naturally as she speaks to everyone else, her philosophy is live with spirit, talk to spirit, have a cup of tea daily with spirit and include them as much as you can building a beautiful trusting relationship with your spirit friends and family.Jamie's passion really shines through in all her demonstrations to large audiences, intimate audiences, aswell as in her private readings. Love is the key and Jamie has a very unique way of helping everyone feel the loving energy as she blends with spirit.

Jamie is based in the Poulton Le Fylde Lancashire, originally from the West Midlands . She is currently in the process of putting her tour of 2019 together. 

If you would like to book a reading with Jamie, then please don't hesitate to contact her direct on 07425155759

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