Energy through spirit: my lightbulb moment for renewal


When my Dad died in July 2009 my life began to fall apart.


Family fallouts continued after he passed. I couldn’t sleep, my young daughter still wouldn’t rest through the night. And to top it all off, Christmas loomed - a time of unwanted emotion when memories of what had happened would be hard to dismiss.


I was at rock bottom. I hadn’t lost my faith in spirit - I just didn’t know how it could help with my despair. But I reached out one more time, asking for my Dad and spirit to show me support.


Almost immediately it began to snow. A few light flakes at first, then heavier. This was unusual so close to the coast. I’d only known it to snow twice in many years living near the sea. In 2009, though, it blanketed the ground for weeks including Christmas.


This was my renewal - my lightbulb moment when energy flowed back to me like electricity. In a moment of despair, I sought something from spirit and was answered.


Dad knew I loved snow since I was a girl. It was a sure sign he was still around - listening and comforting - and that I was being sent love to support me and my family through our grief.


Slowly but surely, spirit energy led me out of the darkness towards normality.


What is spirit energy?


We all have energy - of course we do. Sometimes we’re on a high and feel indefatigable. Other days might be a downer when we just want to go back to bed.


What I’ve learned throughout my life is that with patience and practice energy can be a hugely powerful resource like no other. You can constantly tap into it to improve any situation.

That’s true whether you simply want your day to go better or if you’re deep in the woods and would give anything to be led out.


Spirit energy will give you strength, hope and reassurance. You can use it just like I did - and I can help you find it.


Lift your spirits with an ‘energy hug’


Energy comes direct from spirit;  all you have to do is let it in.


You can start to access it using the most simple technique: sitting or lying quietly. Learn to let go of your thoughts; switch off to the world, but also switch on to the soothing energy that surrounds us all. It’s what I call an ‘energy hug’.


I believe that when each of us leaves this life only our body fails. Our spirit, however, is released. It’s everywhere, for all time - in the wind, the rain and the sun. It never dims and constantly renews.


So many mediums say your loved ones are only a thought away. But I feel you can tap into them as a part of you. They are physically in energy with you every step of the way. 


The energy is always blending with you and that's why practising to become silent helps you sense and know their love is always surrounding you, and within you. It feels like a buzz from head to toe; so much more than a thought.


It’s not religious and it’s certainly not a concept made up to entertain us like you may have read about in a book or seen in a movie.


To feel the comfort of real spirit energy you must be open to it through your thoughts, feelings and memories. The more you encourage and speak to spirits the closer to you their energy will be.


Experience an energy epiphany


All of this can seem scary, of course. Many of us prefer to bury our grief rather than try to keep speaking to those we’ve lost.


I’ve worked with so many people who started off sceptical about spirit and the existence of energy. You’d be amazed how many come to a service or one-to-one session only determined to debunk my work and beliefs. You might even feel the same reading this article.


I can equally point to many one-time doubters who have had an ‘energy epiphany’. It could be a message from a loved on in spirit that changes their mind, or an admission that they felt a flow of energy when agreeing to sit with me for a time.


I say to new people it’s like a thought being processed in your mind; a subtle, lovely awareness or gentle inspiration.


Some people try to cope with disaster and grief or find answers in difficult situations their own way - yoga or a gym class, for example.


But spirit energy is a free, inexhaustible and largely untapped source of comfort. Feeling it is easy, from lighting a candle and being calm to sitting quietly in a park.

Energy eventually becomes part of your overall existence. Once you’ve recognised that flow - that force - can be part of your daily renewal, you can use it for ever.

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