Having beliefs makes us human. But possessing beliefs that are different from other people’s sparks discussion and makes our world the exciting place it is.

No matter your own beliefs it’s fair to say not everyone will understand them, others won’t agree with you, and still more might be downright rude about it. That’s true whether your beliefs are religious or political - and is certainly the case with spirit.

I go into more detail in this piece about some of the negative conversations and comments I’ve had from other mediums relating to many of my personal beliefs and how I use them.

Here, though, I’ll concentrate on what might have stopped you from seeking out spirit energy in the past - and why you should give it a go. Because it could kick start your renewal.

How I dealt with my own spirit scepticism - I’ve been aware of spirit energy from a very early age. I’d experience it at home, at other people’s houses, even in the classroom. There were numerous times when a male spirit was around me at night time, too.

I didn’t find any of this scary. But it did divide my family. Mum, and her own mum and gran, believed in and talked to spirit. Dad, on the other hand, thought it was all nonsense.

In childhood, then, my conversations with spirit were suppressed to keep the peace. This carried on in my teenage years because, well, you want to fit in with your friends, don’t you?

So really, other people’s doubts made me question my own beliefs for a while. Of course, that all changed when my dad died . Spirit energy flowed back into my life, and became the belief I wanted to build and follow for ever.

But it has also allowed me to understand difficult situations with people who come to see me, some of which you may be able to relate to.

Starting a conversation with spirit - There’s many a reason why people take their first steps to seeking help from spirit. In recent times, for example, I’ve been struck by the number of older people confronted by the anxiety and illness of Covid-19 who are looking for answers about spirit energy that they’ve previously put to one side.

Curiosity comes in many guises. Plenty of people seem to have readings or sit in energy with me simply to confirm or dismiss their own beliefs about spirit. Often, they’ll listen with arms folded, perhaps even a shake of the head.

Some even doubt the messages spirit given to me that are meant for them. But I only work with and share energy. Whatever message comes forward, I repeat it exactly as I’m told it. It’s not my job to be generic or symbolic, or interfere with the energy.

Yet when we’ve finished the spirit conversation most of these people tell me how much they got out of it. Occasionally, some will contact me months or even years later to reveal everything they told me had actually happened.

I’m not a fortune teller - though, frustratingly, that’s often what’s expected of me. If spirit has a message that might not immediately make sense, you can be sure it will ring true when those events soon come to pass.

Energy wherever you are

That’s the thing about spirit energy: you need patience. We’ve already seen  that finding and using spirit energy, letting spirit be with you, takes dedication and practice.

Squashing your scepticism (if that’s how you feel) requires a similarly open mind and a belief that builds over time. I’ve witnessed some really good changes in people when they’ve been to classes for a long while.

Allow spirit to help and it will come through for you, connecting their energy with yours to help you cope with life and find a clear path forward.

At a time when we all need something to believe in, turning your thoughts about spirit energy from negative to positive ideas - putting aside your doubts to at least give renewal a go - is surely worth exploring.




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