Article 4:

What can you use energy for?

I’ve shared a few  thoughts on the power of energy to help you deal with difficult situations and even bring you back from rock bottom. I’ve  also described exactly what happens when someone comes to see me and we sit in spirit energy together.

Hopefully these insights have reassured you about the process of accessing your own energy, that of spirit and the world around you; it’s an unlimited resource if we learn to let it into our lives.

But you may still be wondering whether energy can help solve your own particular problem, providing answers to anxieties or guidance to get through a personal crisis.

Broadly, I think the issues we face at some point in our lives fall into one of the following four categories.

So, let’s see how spirit energy can help in each of these situations.


I work with many, many people who just can’t cope with loss of a loved one and the grief that follows. Often it’s a crippling, enduring feeling and commonly results in physical ailments as well as mental stress.

Sitting in energy with spirit provides a great deal of comfort that although someone you were close to may have passed, you will get through the dark days and reach a brighter horizon.

If you’ve read my thoughts on my Dad  passing you’ll know that even when things look bleak and you don’t think you can’t cope with loss, spirit comes to your rescue.


You’re a lucky person if there isn’t something stressing you out, whatever point you’ve reached in your life - and however rosy things seem to people from the outside looking in.

Anxiety often bubbles up during periods when we have big decisions to make. This can be pressure we put on ourselves - a desire, rather than a need, to move house or go for a new job, for example - or simply the stress of everyday life. Perhaps the pandemic has changed the way you feel about going out of your house or being around other people.

But I also believe there’s a more positive way to look at anxiety and how spirit can assist: ‘planning ahead’. If you have a big decision to make and you’re not naturally a decisive person you can agonise over which path to take.

In all of these situations when you’re worried about “what’s next” in life, spirit will guide you by offering reassurance about the right way forward in your situation.


One of the most interesting - and, if I’m honest, challenging - aspects of my work is that people often mistake spirit guidance for fortune telling. Mediums frequently get asked “Is Steve going to leave me?”, or “Is my daughter marrying the right person?”, and so on.

I understand completely why someone would seek this comfort. In truth, spirit don’t care about your relationships.

That might sound harsh! But it’s important to understand that the way spirit can help is by supporting you through personal difficulties, giving you reassurance and the energy to seek answers deep within yourself so you come to the right conclusions. Whatever decisions you - or those around you - ultimately make, spirit is there for you.

Realise also that this doesn’t just have to be about romance alone. I help families rebuild strained relationships; spirit bringing them closer to one another and healing fractured emotions. Other examples are providing support and the energy to cope for parents of children who are ill or have a diagnosis such as autism.

Financial problems

Money troubles can hit us unexpectedly,  sudden loss of income; a major problem with your home or car,  or build up over many years, from gambling debts to bad personal budgeting.

Even if we have other issues that we can “muddle through”, money woes can be the hardest of all to deal with because none of us can survive without financial stability.

Spirit can’t put money back into your bank account or directly pay off your debts, of course! But knowing it’s there for you brings a sense of calmness and clarity that will help you see a path through these difficulties. There is always a way out.

Hopefully this has helped you see that I deal with several recurring types of crisis. You can no doubt relate to one or more of the situations mentioned.

Spirit is waiting to support you reflect, rebuild and renew - just like lots of other people who have faced the same problems as you. Sitting in energy can help you cope with many situations, starting with becoming more calm and relaxed so you’re ready to deal with whatever life throws at you.




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