Turning night into day: the power of renewal


8.20am, July 9th, 2009.


That was the morning my life changed, when everything crashed down around me.


It was the exact time my Auntie S called to tell me there’d been an incident, asking me to phone Dad’s friend who could explain what was going on.


When I did, I knew straight away my Dad had passed. It didn’t seem fair - he was supposed to be coming for tea that night; the eve of my birthday. But now he would never visit again.


Everyone has lost someone, or something. It’s part of life. Some people say it is life; a prelude, a test for greater things.


Loss isn’t limited to the death of a loved one. It can be separation or divorce; financial, property or job loss; loss of health or control; so many things.


Whatever the circumstances it can be very hard to make sense of loss and to cope with the calamity that surrounds you in those times.


I want you to know that it is possible to find a way through, to recover - and to renew.


Why renewal is so relevant today.


The world is in a period of turmoil and it’s a thick-skinned and lucky person who hasn’t experienced loss in these times, or be aware of someone who is suffering.


I’m a great believer that hope springs eternal, and I’m also proof that you can find new beginnings - even from the depths of despair.


Although I expected many people to be cut off from their spiritual side during lockdown as they battled to make ends meet, get through the day and simply exist, I ended up supporting hundreds of people.


It was then that I began to link my own experiences to those of friends, acquaintances and people I was helping.


For a long time after my Dad died I was in shock. As a family we spent years trying to uncover the truth about that day, even getting involved in a legal battle for reasons I won’t bother you with.


Slowly but surely, my faith in spirit led me out of the darkness towards normality.


That was my renewal. I want you to know that you can experience renewal, too. To reassure you that no matter how much you are suffering, your own energy and the energy of those around you can build positivity back into your life.

How Bill found hope and renewal


I have helped a lovely man named Bill during a period of intense grief for him. We met at a service when I gave him a message from spirit.


Afterwards, he told me that simple signal was from his son Will, who had passed. It had instantly brought him great comfort, knowing his son was still around him, that - in the words of Will’s favourite song - he’d never walk alone.


Bill was so emotionally closed down to begin with and reminded me very much of my own state of mind following Dad’s death.


But Bill recognised this was the lifeline he had been searching for, and opted to come to my development classes.


Slowly but surely Bill was transformed. He learned to trust the process; to trust in energy and spirit.


It’s helped him live his life again, in the knowledge that it’s okay to feel okay even when an awful event overpowers us.


I must have helped thousands of people over the years but Bill stands out. Week by week, month by month, year by year, he has found renewal.


It’s time to realise your own renewal


It would be easy to turn to counselling or tablets to try to get through a tough time. That’s fine for some people who choose those routes; others use prayer, but traditional religion isn’t what we’re talking about here. There is another way: the path towards positive energy and a brighter future, if - like Bill - you’re willing to be open and patient during the process.

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