I offer a range of services to help people on the road to recovery after grief, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, job concerns, self love, self confidence and physical/mental healing to help support rebuilding lives.

I am not just a medium, my passion for helping others goes deeper than that.

Sessions I offer.....

Readings.... 💞 All readings are via zoom at the moment. A reading is where I sit and relax with you via video link and trust in the feelings I start to feel, I trust the energy I become aware of and I share it with you exactly how I feel it.

Reiki Healing.... 💞 I offer reiki healing sessions where I help you relax, unwind let go of tensions in your body by creating a space for you to relax. I use hands on healing and distant healing. Stress building up in your body can cause so many other problems so a healing session can be a perfect tonic.

Reiki Healing Attunement.... 💞 I can help you learn how to bring the reiki healing energy into your space, your life, your day, your routine, it will help you learn to release stress, it will help you find balance in your life in times of stress and worry it will also be a tool that you can use as and when you need it. This is done via zoom.

Angel Card Clock Reading.... 💞 We connect via zoom I shuffle the cards you pick out 12 numbers I place the cards out like a clock and I turn everyone over bringing forward love, guidance and support from the cards as well as spirit energy that I connect with during the zoom session.

Mindfulness... 💞 I help you understand the importance of being completely in the present moment help you release letting go of overthinking, worry, fear, anxiety and pain. I can help you find a unique way that's just for you as you can't teach a generic way as everyone is so different. The main focus is helping you clear your mind to feel calm within, let past issues go and in a lot of cases deal with pain. Mindfulness is amazing to help you shift your mind from pain into peace along with when you are in grief it can be an emotional pain relief without medication. These sessions are via zoom.

Meditation..... 💞 Everyday meditation can be a great tonic to help you find more peace, have clarity, remove brain fog, remove nerves, remove Insomnia the list goes on but everyday simple meditation can help you find a great balance in your life again. These sessions are via zoom.

Spiritual Development.... 💞 I teach 4 days and evenings a week in small groups. I can help you start to fully understand the journey with spirit and connections you will already be receiving from spirit and your own natural psychic abilities. I also teach these sessions on a one to one basis. There will be many ways I will support and encourage you by introducing you to spirit naturally without rules but through love and energy. All done via zoom. (I will be running a face to face workshop in Warrington Sunday 20th February)

Spiritual support.... 💞 If you feel you want to have a talk about life and experiences to understand them and find direction these sessions are very therapeutic to ones mind and body. All done via zoom.

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