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Why negative experiences can be the start of your renewal journey

I want to end this series with a final - for now - article that takes a look at the darker experiences of my time as a medium.

I’m not talking about black magic, or seances, or other things you may have seen in horror films that would leave many people running as far away as possible from spirit!

But I really want you to understand that, for me, renewal has meant leaving behind an extremely negative situation. And that for you, too, spirit energy can turn seemingly insurmountable problems into possibilities and positives.

The difficulties I want to share began to happen when I hadn’t long been on my journey as a medium.

I’d love to reveal far more about the events that spelled trouble for me, but for reasons best left unsaid we’ll shine a light on some mediumship misconceptions instead.

Dismissing some myths about mediums

You may be unsure about seeking help from a medium - that’s understandable. Have we really done enough as a profession to dispel some of the myths that surround those who can lead spirit to their loved ones?

I’m not sure we have.

Consider these aspects of what we do. All feature two very different sides of the same coin. So it’s no wonder there can be confusion and anxiety among our audiences, which probably prevents people seeking help when they need it most from a genuine medium who can make good things happen:


  • Leave a name or leave a heart? - You may have come across the practice of mediums asking for a specific name of someone in spirit you’d like to contact. This could be in pre-event publicity such as social media posts. To me, it’s much more authentic to simply ask my audience to reply with a flower emoji or heart, indicating they are interested in contacting spirit.


  • Showmanship or sincerity? - Without going into detail, there are certain things ‘expected’ of mediums, running groups for example, that I would class as ‘rules of entertainment’. This creates a mystery for people to buy into rather than delivering an honest message from spirit. I totally understand that some people like this side of mediumship - but I have never felt it to be a genuinely helpful, sincere approach to imparting spirit messages to loved ones.


  • Rigid or real? - Alongside the previous point about how mediumship is presented comes expectations of the audience. I’ve heard of some mediums who chastise attendees if they fail to sit in a certain posture in group, even withholding something spirit wants to say because of this. To me, the medium’s message must be delivered with human warmth to be of real benefit to the recipient.


  • Bad spirits or bad practice? - Probably my biggest bugbear is mediums who claim bad spirits are lurking and that audience members who they are supposed to be helping may somehow be responsible for bad things happening. This is one myth that really needs busting for good: the fear created from this approach is unnecessary - because I don’t believe ‘bad spirits’ exist at all. Spirit are simply your nearest and dearest bringing you comfort. Why would they fill your life with negative energy?


How I turned a negative into a positive

Because I have views about what mediumship should stand for - as you can see above! - and how mediums should play their role, I’ve come under fire.

Of course there are several sides to mediumship; there are in every walk of life. You may be drawn to some elements of what we do more than others, and that’s absolutely fine.

I certainly don’t want to end this series-closing article on a depressing note. In fact, facing up to negativity is the whole point of renewal.

I want you to know that I fought every instinct to abandon my calling and decided to let spirit show me a new way forward - just as they can for you. No matter what life throws at you and how bad that makes you feel, it is possible supported by spirit energy to break free for new horizons.

Turning my back on organised mediumship, moving past the things that were draining my energy, has been one of the toughest but best decisions of my life.

Now it’s your turn to tell me: have you had a negative experience you want to put behind you? Perhaps I can offer you honest help to reduce your anxiety about finding spirit’s support - and ultimately bring you a positive understanding to events that will mark the start of your renewal journey.

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