Of all the journeys I have had this has been the most rewarding. I am truly thankful for Jamie; she opened my eyes and soul to being aware in the simplest of ways.

I first met Jamie a few years ago at her ‘Spirit-to-Spirit’ nights when a friend asked me to go with her. My friend asked if I liked the medium and my response was, “I really like the host I get her style”. From that point on I attended her nights as much as I could, which led me to join her development class.

My experience with spirit came about after struggling to deal with not having my Dad around. A medium was recommended to me; I now refer to her as ‘old-style’. I believed everything I was told, including that my Dad couldn’t be around me anymore because he had to go to a higher plain, deal with repaying things of the past.

I was so hurt; how could he leave again? Through attending churches, he did not leave, I still got messages - that comment stayed with me. To me, it’s vitally important a medium passes a message correctly - it can change your moment, day, week and beyond.

Jamie has shown me our loved ones are not just a thought away, it is a powerful thought that enables everyone to connect when they trust and become aware.

Thanks to her, I’m more aware of spirit in my day-to-day life, in each and every way. There’s no jargon, rituals, years of teachings in church-only settings, “protecting oneself from bad spirit coming in”.

How ludicrous. Your loved ones do not bring badness, we all have journeys and teachings in our life, it is the learnings we make from those experiences, and our openness to being aware and truly trusting in spirit, that truly enriches our lives.

So practise, practise, practise every day to trust in being aware, and connecting with spirit. It enriches your life so you become the “true you”.

I am on an amazing journey with my loved ones. I would not have achieved this

xx Christine xx 

Working with Jamie has opened my eyes to how important energy is. It’s also brought me closer to spirit.

I’m sure you’ve all lost someone, so you’ll know how grief feels. My elder (and only) brother died suddenly a few years ago at a young age (41). I wasn’t immediately aware he was still close. I’m not particularly spiritual, certainly not religious. But I am open-minded.

Although I’d always ‘suspected’ he might be around because of odd little episodes, it was only when I started spending time with Jamie that I focused on what it meant.

Now I know more about spirit and energy, not only do I look out for signs my brother is close by, I ask him to help me when I need a boost or pondering a difficult decision, or even to just be around me if he wants to. The knowledge that he is near with support from spirit is comforting and reassuring - and not scary in any way.

I’ll give you an example. Have you ever woken up in the night with a tingling sensation in your hands or feet? It happened to me in the early hours of my wife’s 50th birthday, accompanied by a ringing in my right ear. This might be easily dismissed as the body’s normal rhythms at rest.

But Jamie had mentioned to take heed of these signs as they mean my brother is near. He was friends with my wife while they knew each other, so when I awoke that morning - in an unusually good mood, I’ll add - I knew it was a birthday message from him to her.

So, the greatest complement I can pay to Jamie is that she has taught me to pay attention - to the world around me, to signs and signals. But most of all to my own energy, to what spirit are trying to tell me, and to understand how it can all help with personal renewal from the most painful situations.

xx Ian xx

I can highly recommend Jamie, not only is she extremely gifted, she is a genuinely lovely person. She is welcoming and kind and will make you feel safe and at ease. She is trustworthy and professional. Jamie is the best.

xx Jackie xx 

Jamie What can I say? Thank you doesn't seem enough. I can honestly hand on heart recommend Jamie as I had my first reading with her following the passing of my 23yr old son Marcus. I went in with an open mind and didn't have expectations but was desperate to know my son was ok. Jamie connected to Marcus and our nanny Jack and told me things that only me and Marcus ever knew (she blew my mind away) this lady has such a unique and special gift. All I can say is please try her as she is truly amazing. Thank you so much.

xx Wendy xx 

Hi just had a fantastic reading with Jamie, she brought my dad through my grandma through with lots of accurate information, she is such a lovely person who makes the reading even more special, I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Jamie.

xx Marion xx 

Thank you Jamie, I feel so much lighter and happier now I know my daughter is pain free and happy. This lady is amazing, I would recommend her highly for anyone wanting comfort and understanding.

xx Andrea xx 

One-to-One reading with this lovely lady and I highly recommend her! Accurate information and I left speechless by some of the evidence being given to me. Jamie brought through my dad and made me feel like he is still around and helping me out whenever and wherever he can! Thank you so much for giving me some closure on the whole situation, you have an amazing gift.

xx Paige xx 

I had an amazing 1 to 1 with Jamie, she has such a special gift. I was becoming a little skeptical over the past 12mths as my lovely dad hadn't come through to me since he passed. Jamie brought him through and the evidence she gave me was so accurate it confirmed it was dad. I laughed and I cried but there were happy tears amongst them. I now know he is happy and free from pain. She brought me the peace I was looking for and she is such a lovely calming person to be around. I highly recommend Jamie, you won't be dissapointed. Thank you Jamie for an amazing day.

xx Jennifer xx 

I had a reading with Jamie tonight. I have to say she was amazing! My father passed away this year. she was able to tell me so much about the experience leading up to and including his passing,  what has been happening in my life since.

She is a kind, caring, compassionate lady, who really helped me tonight. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to anyone seeking a reading.

xx Pauline xx 

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